Who's Aaron?
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I have always felt a calling toward the spiritual healing arts for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I was always drawn to science fiction and loved anything on metaphysical topics. I have always had those ‘gut feelings’ about people or situations and have always known there was an unknown force that was protecting me.  As an adult the interest grew. Something about the mystically unknown was so fascinating and I loved reading books on spiritual topics. Even though I was afraid to visit a metaphysical shop and see a psychic due to my somewhat catholic upbringing, I finally decided to face that fear of the unknown. In December of 2013, I went went to my first shop and I unexpectedly got my first psychic reading. It was such a great experience and it changed my life.  I finally felt I was home. 


Shortly after, I started taking intuitive development classes in 2014 at Angel Light School of Metaphysics in Berkeley, through which I learned many techniques that include intuitive readings, angel/spirit guide channeling, and clearing energetic blockages and various other practices to help heal others and myself.  In 2015, I began practicing hands-on energy healing and quickly became an Usui Reiki Practitioner and completed the Quantum Touch Level 1 course.  Since 2018, I continued taking intuitive courses at the Bad Ass Space for Healing (B.A.S.H) in Oakland where continue to learn and collaborate on my healing practice.  In 2020, I completed the Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon. 


I’m a simple, practical, yet effective healer that uses traditional and intuitively-guided methods in my healing work. My mission is to help others remove emotional blockages that are holding them back from seeing their true selves and obtaining the life they want to live.  Although this work can be intense and emotional, I enjoy working with others in a light, fun and practical way and want every client to leave a session with a smile on their face. Ultimately my goal is simple: to help my clients readjust their energy so they can connect with their natural energetic vibration.


Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

- George Addair


What is Anahata Heart Healing?

Purpose is something that most people struggle to find.  I have always wondered what I should really be doing with the gifts that I have been given. In search of what I should do and what my purpose should be in this moment in time, it was suggested I have a guided meditation to help direct me. Fifteen minutes later, a friend, who studies meditation in depth, gave me a personalized meditation that he made for me at that moment to help me find my purpose.  Through this meditation, I was guided to have a conversation with my higher self who told me what I needed to do - heart transfusions. 


What does this mean? 

As I asked for more information, he directed me to help heal people by healing their inner truth through the heart space.   He told me that by healing our inner truth - whatever that truth may be - we can better connect to our higher self and each of us need this connection.

Of course this sounds great, however, I was still curious to find out what this means and how it would help.  He goes on to say that by connecting to our higher self, we connect to the true spirit of who we really are. Connection is what we need, and that connection is what will help us grow.  After 6 months of letting this marinade on what this message might mean, I have learned that the ‘anahata’ or heart chakra is where my greatest strength is and how I will help heal this planet and fellow beings of light.  Thus, the beginning of Anahata Heart Healing.