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Anahata Heart Healing was founded on the principle of Heart-Centered Healing.  The Anahata is the Sanskrit name of the heart chakra that is located in the middle of our chest and is responsible for love and compassion.  In this chakra, many of us hold on to unnecessary situations and life experiences that hold us back from achieving the things in life that we want and making the connections that we need to for our own growth.  If we learn that these situations don’t define us and let them go, life will feel much more peaceful. Through heart-centered healing, we can connect to and accept our inner truth. Anahata Heart Healing will help you open up to your inner truth so you can begin to heal yourself and create the future that is best for you.


- Nido R Qubein

Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

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Aaron is a great healer. I have had multiple Reiki sessions with him and he is attentive, considerate, and has strong healing abilities. Aaron is deeply focused on honing his craft and incorporating other healing modalities to  provide holistic healing.  I recommend having a session with Aaron, especially if you are looking for someone who listens to your concerns and can help you heal emotionally and physically and provide intuitive guidance for your well being.

Deanna Riddick

Reiki Healer at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, Oakland,CA.

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